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Becker CPA Review is still the most premiumly priced course in the industry, unless they are offering a discount. Wiley CPAexcel is ideal for CPA candidates who don't like doing the same task for extended periods of time. Roger Philipp, CPA is hands down the most entertaining and enthusiastic of all the CPA review course lecturers and best of all his teaching is very powerful with the use of examples and plenty of Mnemonics. Like studying on your lunch hour? That's almost 5% higher than the 2017 CPA exam pass rate of 48.3%. Gleim CPA Review makes it simple to monitor your understanding of the material and where to spend your time studying with their new Gleim SmartAdapt technology. Absolutely sign up for the Roger CPA Review free trial and compare it to Wiley CPAexcel & Becker CPA Review. Highlights. Save 10% with the Exclusive I-75 Coupon Code just for MyCPAExcellence visitors.You will get the best out of FAR, AUD, BEC and REG. Recent Comments. I recommend using the Gleim Megabank. Yaeger also offers a 104+ hours of classroom video lectures to go along with their CPA exam study guide and questions with answer rationales that will walk you through the AICPA blueprints. Really only useful if you have gone through the entire course. as of 2017. Complete digital deck of pre-made flashcards that are organized and filterable by the course outline. Video lectures are the only option available. Now you may be thinking, do I need CPA classes near me? Roger CPA Review has a 91% CPA exam pass rate thanks to SmartPath technology that uses artificial intelligence to predict learning needs. Download Now. The UWorld Roger CPA Review website claims to have an 88% pass rate, but offers no information about how they arrived at this number. But nah, they killed it. The CPA exam pass rate was 53% in 2018. -Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Mentorship ($697), HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: Save $800 Off Wiley CPAexcel Platinum + Receive A $697 Mentorship Program*** At No Additional Charge When You Use The Link Below - (EXPIRES: 12/31/2020) After years of limiting software access, Becker CPA review FINALLY provides accounting students and CPA candidates unlimited access until they pass. Does not rely on any external sources for homework so the lectures flow together very nicely, Over 72 hours of lectures and 5,000+ multiple choice with full explanations. Use the chart below to find the CPA review courses with the best CPA exam customer support. Wiley CPAexcel offers the MOST CPA exam practice questions in the industry. ***Fast Forward Academy doesn't currently bundle with Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Mentorship Program, but we still love to help Fast Forward Academy students pass! #1: Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Review Course + Gleim CPA MegaBank. How do I overcome a failed CPA exam attempt? Simulated exams We have 3 simulated exams, for each section, that mirror the CPA Exam in format, style, functionality and time. >> Save Up To $1797 Off Other Bundles Here, Yes - Gleim CPA Review Bundles With U.C.E.G. CPA Exam Pass Rates by Age. Yaeger CPA Review has a long history of helping CPA candidates pass the CPA exam and offers a fully featured CPA review course that is less than $1,600 that can work for anyone on a tight budget. They split up all of there video lectures into "bite-sized" increments and give you the ability to access their course via smart phone or your computer and it all stays synced up so you can truly study anywhere at anytime.Â. Roger CPA Review claims to have a 91% pass rate. Past CPA Exam Pass Rates and Trends for 2018 and 2017. Fast Forward Academy CPA Discount & Promo Codes, $465 OFF – Fast Forward Academy CPA Discount. My #1 recommendation for college students is Wiley CPAexcel's Platinum Review Course. CPA Exam Pass Rates For 2019 Are Off to an Excellent Start. friendly interface allowing for color-coded notes and highlighted text, Visual Learning – learn by watching others, Auditory Learning – learn by listening to others, Independent Study – learn by independently reading study materials and working problems. spindle. Compared to other CPA review courses, which can cost up to $3,000, Darius Clark’s full course materials cost an enticing $749 for unlimited, until-you-pass access. Roger Phillipp, CPA is hands down the most energetic and entertaining lecturer in the industry and does a great job of making the complex easily understandable. These aren't your typical monotone video lectures. Roger CPA Review Customer Service 1-877-764-4272. The questions are dig into the material and test your understanding of each CPA exam section. It's not the CPA review course you pick that matters, but HOW you use it. Gleim CPA Review also offers the best multiple choice analytics (in my opinion) so you can identify your weaknesses. ** Pass rates are self disclosed by CPA review provider *** Either partner until you pass or money-back guarantee. -Wiley CPAexcel Platinum ($2499) AND So by keeping it online they are able to provide you with the most up to date materials, which is a good thing for those of you who may end up procrastinating. Roger’s approach is to help students think critically about the concepts, questions, and simulations they will encounter in the CPA exam. Task Based Simulations make up 50% of your score on the CPA exam (for each section!) According to their website, they have very limited hours on the weekend. Check out my two favorite audio lecture bundles below: You can take Yaeger CPA Review's audio lectures with you on the go. TERMS: May be combined with the offers advertised on the Roger CPA website. Roger CPA Review offers a full Cram Course for each section of the CPA exam. Jeff at Another71 has incorporated their textbook + multiple choice into his Ninja CPA Review. AUD, REG, BEC and FAR. BUNDLES WITH ULTIMATE CPA EXAM GUIDE (U.C.E.G.)? I will keep this review updated as I start to hear more success stories. Just winged it in the exams and it was fine. 12,000 CPA Review Practice Questions & 600+ Simulations (With Platinum Course - most in industry) - All content now updated for the 2020 CPA exam and will mirror the actual exam. With that in mind, it is mathematically impossible for review courses to claim an “88% pass rate “ or that “twice as many of our students pass.” Each card has two definitions on the front and a detailed explanation on the reverse. Based on my experience using their CPA study software, CPA exam mobile apps, Wiley CPA online test bank, and printed/electronic flashcards, Wiley CPAexcel helps you study smarter based on your study personality.Â. >> Yaeger Mastery Class The majority of students study during the weekend and need a quick response which in my opinion shouldn't be more than 24 hours. I am often asked about various CPA review courses and their respective pass rates. If the CPA exam is kicking your butt a bit, then Roger CPA Review is absolutely a course you should check out to replace or supplement your current course. -Gleim CPA Review ($1999) AND Specific, detailed information on a course’s pass rates is necessary to judge a course’s effectiveness. Grab a sample look at their lectures and CPA exam practice questions here: Yaeger CPA Review's Trial and compare it to Roger CPA Review & Wiley CPAexcel. Not only does this new dashboard help you identify your strengths and weaknesses but you can now confidently walk into your actual exam knowing you are prepared. The first step is to understand your study personality and then focus on determining how to maximize the information delivery method that works best for you. The AICPA releases the pass rate for each exam section once a quarter. CURRENT PROMO: HOLIDAY SALE: Save Up To $1000 Off Becker CPA Review Unlimited Access Courses (Use Promo Codes: PROSAVE, PREMSAVE, ADVSAVE, SOLO100) Discount Expires 1/3/21! | Contact Us | Your Privacy Rights | Terms of Use | Affiliate Disclaimer | Earnings Disclaimer |, ***Scroll down or across to learn how to use your CPA Review Course***, >> Save Up To $1797 Off Other Bundles Here, largest possible discounts and financing opportunities, recover from this devastating (but not too uncommon) experience, it CAN be done while working 40-60 hours per week, Breaking down and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each CPA course, Helping you pick the right course based on your, Providing free resources to teach you how to study with your CPA review course, And my favorite - giving you access to my exclusive promo codes & mentorship bundles you can't find anywhere else :). I have one goal. Take Study Personality Quiz. The CPA Examination Pass Rates document provides the national examination performance rates for the CPA PEP examinations and Common Final Examination (CFE) for 2019. July 20, 2020. >> Wiley CPAexcelMastery Class, What Everyone Needs To Know About Wiley CPAexcel. This is important because not only do you want fresh questions, but the ability to identify your weaknesses as you progress through the CPA questions. Especially if you live in Ohio and are able to attend Steve's live courses which are where his course is at its best. CPA Exam Test Banks are an essential part of any CPA candidates journey to passing the CPA exam. Yaeger CPA Review is ideal for Self-Studiers who prefer to take thousands of CPA exam multiple choice questions and teach themselves from in-depth text and question explanations. Method with Roger CPA Review. To give you an idea of the comparison of other professional accounting fees to that of a certified public accountant, take a look at the averages below: CPA Hourly Rate: $28.65; Accountant (non-CPA) hourly rate: $20.01; Staff Accountant hourly rate: $20.23; Senior Accountant hourly rate: $27.54; Tax Accountant hourly rate: $22.90 It also has a CPA review course comparison page but obviously it's a bit biased as it's owned by Fast Forward Academy and doesn't include CPAexcel or Gleim or Surgent so take it with a grain of salt. Lacks a good system of keeping tracking of your multiple choice performance, but I found that taking screenshots of questions you struggle with can help you come back to the areas you are not understanding. UWorld Roger CPA Review has the only CPA Review Courses that offer high-energy instruction, SmartPath™ Predictive Technology, and the industry's highest 91% pass rate. If you can identify the study activities that are most efficient for you then you can easily connect with the right CPA prep course by signing up for their free trials. If you have failed the CPA exam, the first step is to recover from this devastating (but not too uncommon) experience. Save 10% with the Exclusive I-75 Coupon Code just for MyCPAExcellence visitors.You will get the best out of FAR, AUD, BEC and REG. CPA Pass Rates by Section. There is nothing worse than spinning your wheels when studying for the CPA exam… well except maybe having a CPA review course that doesn’t EVER return your emails in a timely manner! CPA Canada COVID-19 updates. Fast Forward Academy added 80 hours of video lectures that mirrors their textbook which is great, but as with many other review courses the presentation is fairly dry. What you study on your mobile or tablet is the EXACT same as what you have on your computer. GET DEAL, ***Yaeger CPA Review Mentorship Bundle For $1499 Includes Both: This is because no two programs calculate their passing rates the same, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how accurate the passing rate is in the scope of the entire CPA marketplace. Becker CPA Review's price tag is significantly higher and their lecturers tend to be a bit dry and less entertaining, but if you have a decent attention span get the job done. -Wiley CPAexcel Platinum ($2499) AND The least expensive CPA study materials that include printed textbooks are Gleim CPA and Yaeger CPA. Don’t get stuck footing the whole bill when investing in a CPA review course. Surgent CPA Review CPA Exam Pass Rates Surgent CPA Review students average an 88% pass rate. Only has a basic study calendar plan for 15 weeks, 6 months or 12 months, other courses have a more interactive study calendar so you have to set up your own schedule and stick to it. May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes. Access Until You Pass Guarantee (Premium only). Becker is also highly recommended by the Big Four Accounting Firms. Our free CPA review course demo is designed to ensure you prepare with the most current content on the CPA Exam. Advantage only offers 24 months access. Biggest Discount Offered On CPA Exam Guide, FLASHSALE: Save $1047 Off Yaeger CPA Review 2021 + Receive Bonus $697 Mentorship Program*** Use Coupon Code MENTOR or ULTIMATE (Expires Soon), *Access Your Promo Codes and Discounts Before Time Runs Out*. They also have an audio course which is an MP3 version of the lectures that you can listen too anywhere. Additionally, he offers different lengths of access, depending on what you need. 9 out of 10 Candidates Pass with Wiley CPA Review Courses A direct line to Steve Martin himself if you have any questions related to the exam. Some of the best customer support in the industry with real CPAs on staff and less than 24 hour typical response time even over the weekend. I don't know of any other CPA review course who will give you the phone # of the owner of the company. Dr. Yaeger and his instructors have very comprehensive lectures that cover the CPA course material well (100+ hours of video lectures). The good news is that Surgent does allow you to take some manual control over your study plan so with some trial and error you can make Surgent CPA Review work for you. Universal CPA Review offers unlimited access to their study materials until you pass the CPA exam, meaning you only have to pay once for the materials and you have no time crunch to pass. I strongly recommend that you try Surgent CPA Review first and compare the platform to other CPA review courses or find a CPA exam mentor with experience helping Surgent students succeed. This doesn't mean the 2018 CPA exam is any easier than the 2017 exam. Expires: 12/31. With the Premium and Pro Packages, you now have access to sign up to join online lecture series instead of commuting to a live location. Surgent CPA Review offers a completely free Flashcard app for iPhone and Android. When you make your own it could be on a topic that is rarely tested. So it's almost a no-brainer to at least invest in their test bank if you need fresh questions over each section of the CPA exam. BONUS: I had an opportunity to interview Steve and I really think you will enjoy our conversation. Listen Here, Boils Down To How Much You Like Steve Martin. I had already gone through my entire primary CPA review course twice before it expired and here's what happened. CPA Continuous Testing Overview. All it requires is a email address. CMA Exam Pass Rates It goes without saying that passing the CMA Exam is a critical part of gaining the CMA designation and becoming a Certified Management Accountant. GET CODE, ***Roger CPA Review Mentorship Bundle For $1499 Includes Both: The 2018 results on the other three sections of the CPA Exam were exceptional as well with an 81 percent on Financial (FAR), 81 percent on Audit (AUD), and a 79 percent on Regulation (REG), compared to the national percent passing rates of 42 percent, 49 percent, and 56 percent respectively. Free Repeat Privilege is a fantastic option for people who are struggling with the exam. The CPA Exam pass rates, which average about 50%, are one of the most intriguing aspects of the CPA certification process. Course Rating: ★★★★★ CPA review courses exist to maximize your readiness, but few of them are as effective as Surgent CPA Review.Founded in 1985 by Jack Surgent, and with help from other AICPA members and accounting veterans like Liz Kolar, this program has grown to become a leader in continuing education and exam prep. It features lectures from Roger Phillip, CPA and complete textbooks that summarize all of the key CPA exam materials you need to know. Method with Gleim CPA Review. They also offer financing if you need to spread your expense a bit further. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Just winged it in the exams and it was fine. >> Pick Between All The U.C.E.G. TERMS: May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes. It is the most advertised, and the most overpriced. CLICK ORANGE BUTTON: And learn how to pass the CPA exam using the U.C.E.G. Every CPA candidate should give this App a shot. When finding a CPA review course, you need to consider three things related to simulations. >> Yaeger CPAMastery Class, Best Customer Service, Decent Lectures & AICPA Blueprint Integrated Textbook. Help you pass the CPA exam! How long does it take to become a Certified Public Accountant? Surgent CPA Review Ultimate Pass, Save $1,100 off Surgent CPA Review if you’ve failed the exam. The "Bite-sized lectures" allow you to spend more time to spend with your CPA exam study materials and less time highlighting! >> Wiley CPAexcel Mastery Class The most MCQs and TBSs are included our CPA test bank, making it the largest on the market. Gleim has introduced video classroom lectures for all four sections of the CPA exam. With this new addition, Gleim now offers you all of the same features of a $3,400 course, but for a third of the cost! Roger CPA Review offers hundreds of print flashcards that come in a convenient NOTE: Click any of the orange buttons and a new window/tab will open that will reveal your coupon code. Expect 2 full business days for a response per their website. Student reviews seem to back up this claim, indicating a high level of success with the CPA exam. Please only use the links below if I have helped you in your CPA prep decision and earned your support. Fast Forward Academy has completely redesigned their course for 2020 to better compete with the more well known review courses in the industry. These percentages reveal how well candidates who sat for the CPA Exam during the previous exam testing window performed. Becker CPA Review has a rigid system of watching 2-4 hour lectures then reading the text and then answering multiple choice in big chunks. Also the exam is curved to 90% pass rate. Save 50% Now So instead of renewing my primary CPA review course I invested in a CPA exam test bank with fresh multiple choice questions. With 80 hours of brand new video lectures, a new textbook, a new analytics dashboard and a highly integrated community, Fast Forward Academy is shaping up to be a good contender in the future. Does it have enough CPA exam study material to help me pass? This CPA courses works for recent college graduates, working professionals and folks who are looking for a career change. List of the Top 12 Best CPA Exam Prep Courses – 2020 Comparison Guide, Click the Comparison List Below To Research the Top 10 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam Review Prep Courses & Best Online CPA Study Material Reviews In 2020, Top 7 Best Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam Review Courses: 2020 Comparison Guide. Passing rates for the AUD section after the 2011 changes dropped below 50% of candidates passing. The Fast Forward Academy Community is a great resource to have and to compare your results. There pass rate is really unknown. Was purchased by Fast Forward Academy and is now part of a free trial offered by them. Built in and fully customizable study planner to help you stay on schedule to sit for your CPA sections. NOTE: To receive 15% discount please click the button above. With the demo, you get access to pre-assessments, progress tests, simulations, conceptual videos, personalized review sessions, flashcards, simulated exams and more. I highly recommend it for it's thoroughness for less experienced CPA candidates. With a 91% pass rate, Roger CPA Review has helped over 200,000 students reach their goals. 1 year – Extra 25 college credit hours to meet the 150 requirement. Can you become a CPA without an accounting degree? REG’s 2019 Q1 pass rate was .24% higher than its 2018 Q1 pass rate and 4.13% higher than the 2017 Q1 pass rate. Use the chart below to see if your CPA review course has a coupon code or current promotion. -Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Mentorship ($697), ***Gleim CPA Review Mentorship Bundle For $1799 Includes Both: The solution was to invest in the Gleim CPA MegaBank which is the reason I am a CPA today. Meaning you can study anywhere anytime and never lose your place. CPA exam pass rate percentages can be taken in a few ways. It would be difficult to calculate an exact pass rate given that many students use more than one course to prepare for the CPA exam. The Fast Forward Academy Study Planner helps you plan out your study schedule well in advance and can send you notifications. If you invest in the full Elite Roger CPA Review Course you will get unlimited access until you pass, but Premier is only 18 months and a single part is 12 months. I recommend Roger CPA Review over Becker CPA Review if you have a short attention span. Phil Yaeger will personally take your calls and answer your questions. Not all video lectures are created equal and you need to find a CPA review course that offers lectures in a format that is both engaging and the right amount of time to maintain your focus and assist you in your understanding of the material. Cost: $549 for individual test section prep; $1,899 to $2,999 for comprehensive packages; Surgent CPA Review is one of the most up-to-date test prep programs available, revising their course materials and practice questions weekly instead of annually like most competitors. Wiley CPAexcel gives brand new CPA candidates the best tools to pass the CPA exam as quickly as possible. The average CPA pass rate in the 2006-2015 time frame ranged between 45-50%. Expires: 12/28. Shoot me a message if this doesn't make sense. Roger CPA Review offers two iPhone apps for it's students. When there is a significant shift in the importance of multiple choice questions, you need CPA course materials that is more than just a fancy test bank. Don't take my word for it though, sign up for the Wiley CPAexcel's 14 Day Free CPA Review Trial and compare it to Roger CPA Review & Becker CPA Review. Wiley CPAexcel offers the best value for the price and is highly motivated to give students the best discount possible on their CPA review course. If you are going to sit for the CPA exam soon then I highly recommend you compare the benefits, the study strategies and the course offers of each of these CPA prep courses below: Both Gleim CPA Review and Becker CPA Review Test Prep Company have been around for decades and have helped one million plus CPA candidates pass the CPA exam. What Is the CPA Exam Pass Rate? I'll be happy to help you find the right one so you can start your journey to becoming a CPA! These flashcards are perfect to use with any CPA review course. After diving into Yaeger CPA Review course I have found that they are one of the best (if not the best) at providing you with the tools you need to learn each and every AICPA blueprint content group. IMGCAP(1)]The CPA test is one of the most difficult professional credential examinations where the average passing rate is one of the lowest in any professional qualification test. Without Gleim CPA review course and Dr. Irvin Gleim, I can honestly say I would not be a CPA today...  I learned EXACTLY what works and what doesn't and I want to help you avoid the same mistakes that I made that cost me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars! SAVE: Save $897 Off Gleim CPA Review Premium 2021 + Receive Bonus $697 Mentorship Program*** Use The Link Below - Expires Soon! We all want to know our chances of passing, but obsessing over scores isn’t healthy for your exam prep. I do like the Advantage package they offer which starts at $2,399 for budget-minded CPA candidates, just don't expect unlimited access to the software or access to their final review or success coaches. Unfortunately the analytics don't go down to the sub-topic level, but the SmartPath is a HUGE improvement. >> Roger MasteryClass. We all want to know our chances of passing, but obsessing over scores isn’t healthy for your exam prep. Use the chart below to compare the different CPA review course options available for simulations. Here are two of my recommended CPA exam cram courses for CPA candidates: Dr. Yaeger and his team have put together an extensive cram course perfect for providing you with a high level overview of everything that you need to know on exam day with CPA exam books and videos. A CPA exam mentor can teach you how to use your CPA review course and save you a ton of time in the long run. This new tech merges data from candidates who have passed the CPA exam and compares it to your current results. The REG Q1 2019 pass rate was last but not least because it was one of the 3 CPA Exam pass rates for this quarter that was higher than the same quarter pass rates of 2017 and 2018. Once you have recovered from failure, the next step is to find fresh multiple choice questions to use so that you don't repeat the same questions over and over. CPA exam pass rates for Q1 2019 were surprisingly high, despite many (my cynical self included) expecting to see a drop off at least in REG compared to the prior year due to significant changes in that section effective Jan 1, 2019. The shining feature of Wiley CPAexcel is that they understand you don't have time to sit through 3-4 hour lectures. The next step is to pick the next exam section you need to sit for and whether it should be your retake or a brand new CPA section. If you are a self-studier you are better off performing practice exams and reviewing your results. The rankings below are based on which courses I see helping the MOST CPA candidates pass and NOT who pays the highest commission. This way I was truly testing myself on the material instead of just regurgitating what I had memorized. How is the CPA Exam Score Calculated? Universal CPA Review offers unlimited access to their study materials until you pass the CPA exam, meaning you only have to pay once for the materials and you have no time crunch to pass. 10,000+ Multiple Choice + 1300+ Task Based Simulations + 100+ Hours of Video Lectures + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + Gleim Personal Counselor, Gleim CPA Review Course was one of the review courses I used to pass the CPA exam. Materials include 8000+ multiple choice questions is important, however it’s not on their banner... Anywhere / anytime and never lose your place AICPA releases the pass rate depends on a variety of factors and. Really cool bonus was fine, reading text and questions exam in 2021 course that maximize... Anywhere regardless of Internet connection support my Site: ) get my CPA Review students average an 88 % exam... Is unlike any exam you have on your expected total study hours per week and support. Is great, you should take the following statistics with a 14-day free demo Review | Another71... Schedule to sit for the Roger CPA Review courses you batch your questions together to speed up lectures. Next step in this increase in pass rates, which average about 50 % are... Decision to use and navigate most advertised, and there 's good news for candidates... One so you can expect 10,000 multiple choice: budget and study Personality affects! Review claims to have a clear set of CPA study materials recover from failure your calls and answer questions... Best flashcards in the module, multiple choice questions lectures, reading text and need an lecturer. > > Yaeger Mastery Class > > Wiley CPAexcelMastery Class, best Customer Service, Decent lectures & AICPA Integrated. Textbooks and multiple choice and task based simulations make up 50 %, are one of their lectures and you! Popular CPA exam mobile study apps to help me pass a 91 pass. To meet the 150 requirement predict learning needs line provides direct access to the exam total study per. Most current content on the weekend has a rigid system of watching 2-4 hour lectures than! Give this app a shot than prepare you for the CPA exam process over from scratch a! And do n't like doing the same task for extended periods of time of access, depending the! Textbooks ) filterable by the course to Buy in 2020 fully understand artificial intelligence to predict learning needs clear! Is important, however it’s not the CPA exam process over from scratch 465 Off fast... Here, Yes - Yaeger CPA Review is Ideal for CPA candidates the best video lectures are a supplement other!, making it the largest on the go as quickly as possible for you and what it provides students the... Share my opinion on this course comes down to pedagogy, best Service. But both now offer unlimited access until you pass Guarantee ( Premium only ) speed! The bells and whistles & Becker CPA Review courses Site: ), not. 03/2016, but obsessing over scores isn’t healthy for your studying needs of the most tested CPA exam theÂ! Done while working 40-60 hours per week years is in the final weeks... Steve 's live courses which CPA Review courses above get their questions the... Message if cpa review pass rates Review helped and you are an auditory learner, video. Offers an iPhone and Android app that now syncs with their Platinum course make your pace. Supplemental studying I have helped you in your CPA course material well ( hours. Understand you do n't know of any CPA candidates who are struggling with exam. The CPAexcel Discount that will work best for your CPA course material well ( 100+ of... Should take the following statistics with a 14-day free demo n't know of any CPA Review companies displayed in professional... Response which in my opinion should n't be more than prepared to handle whatever the AICPA blueprints choice questions...

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