Sender Info:

J & W Stewart

St Johns, Newfoundland

Recipient Info:

Waterman & Company

Quay Poole
Poole, Dorset

Current Owner:

Comments: Not bright rose variety issued in 1874, because of cancel date
"Waterman" cover via packet boat to Liverpool
Red circle "packet boat" cancel in Liverpool on April 21
Arrived in Poole with back cancel April 22
Hand notation of being sent on March 31
Back of envelope has embossed "J&W Stewart: logo  

Cover Data:

Unique Identifier of Cover: 51206
Approximate Year of Use: 1873
Date Sent: 4/1/1873
Transit date
(from transit cancel) 1:
Arrival date
(from destination cancel):
Registered? no
(First Flight Cover):

Stamp Data:

Common Stamp Number 35

NSSC Stamp Number: 38
Color of Stamp: Dull rose
Type of Paper: