Sender Info:


Harbour Breton, Newfoundland

Recipient Info:

Reverand Jos Phelps

The Academy
St Johns,

Current Owner:

Comments: One of 55 known covers, per NSSC and Sammy Whaley's Census
Both sending and arriving cancels are on back, both in February but exact date uncertain
Proper inland rate to St Johns

Cover Data:

Unique Identifier of Cover: 22535
Approximate Year of Use: Select Year
Date Sent: 2/26/1880
Arrival date
(from destination cancel):
Other Information About Cancels Above: Cork cancel on stamp
Registered? no
(First Flight Cover):

Stamp Data:

Common Stamp Number 39

NSSC Stamp Number: 35b
Color of Stamp: Blue
Type of Paper: Rouletted