Sender Info:


Channel, Newfoundland

Recipient Info:

Finance Department Ottawa

Savings Bank Branch
St John,
New Brunswick

Current Owner:

Comments: Probably 45a (yellow green) variety and 48b (deep orange) variety
Split ring cancel from uncommon town of Channel Dec 23, 1897
Transit back cancel Jan 6, 1898 probably at "Glace Bay Canada"
Arrival cancel at St John New Brunswick Jan 7, 1898

Cover Data:

Unique Identifier of Cover: 10047
Approximate Year of Use: 1897
Date Sent: 12/23/1897
Transit date
(from transit cancel) 1:
Arrival date
(from destination cancel):
Registered? no
(First Flight Cover):

Stamp Data:

Common Stamp Number 45a

NSSC Stamp Number: 42d
Color of Stamp: Green
Type of Paper: Yellowish paper
Common Stamp Number 48b

NSSC Stamp Number: 44a
Color of Stamp: Deep reddish orange
Type of Paper: