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Sender Info:


St Johns, Newfoundland

Recipient Info:

Wm M Harnet?

74 India Street
Boston, Mass

Current Owner:

Comments: Probably Number 41 Violet Brown variety
Front of brown package paper or brown envelope missing back
Odd circular cancel on from "4 Feb 28 87 7pm" probably US transit or arrival cancel  

Cover Data:

Unique Identifier of Cover: 83382
Approximate Year of Use: 1887
Date Sent: 2/21/1887
Arrival date
(from destination cancel):

Stamp Data:

Common Stamp Number 41

NSSC Stamp Number: 41
Color of Stamp: Violet Brown
Type of Paper:
Common Stamp Number 49

NSSC Stamp Number: 45
Color of Stamp: Blue
Type of Paper: