Sender Info:

St Johns, Newfoundland

Recipient Info:

W. W. Weigel

115 Willson Place
Cleveland, Ohio

Current Owner:

Comments: Unknown arrival date due to lack of cancel
Odd "Paid E" with little "C" cancel on back, possibly in NY

Cover Data:

Unique Identifier of Cover: 74318
Approximate Year of Use: 1901
Date Sent: 6/10/1901
Transit date
(from transit cancel) 1:
Transit date
(from cancel) 2:
Arrival date
(from destination cancel):
Registered? no
(First Flight Cover):

Stamp Data:

Common Stamp Number 78

NSSC Stamp Number: 69
Color of Stamp: Olive
Type of Paper:
Common Stamp Number 79

NSSC Stamp Number: 70
Color of Stamp: Red
Type of Paper:
Common Stamp Number 81

NSSC Stamp Number: 72
Color of Stamp: Orange
Type of Paper:
Common Stamp Number 85

NSSC Stamp Number: 76
Color of Stamp: Blue
Type of Paper: